UPDATE 12:20 p.m. EDT: Police are now saying that the remains are human and are those belonging to a young person, but an autopsy report will determine whether the remains are those of Baby Elaina, the Associated Press reports. It may take days or weeks to positively identify the remains as the body of Baby Elaina.

Authorities have discovered a box likely containing human remains Thursday at the Ohio home where little Elaina Steinfurth, known as “Baby Elaina,” was last seen alive two months ago.

The case of missing Baby Elaina captured the hearts of everyone around Toledo, Ohio, since the 1-year-old girl went missing in June.

Elaina was last seen at the home of Steven King, her mother’s ex-boyfriend, according to WNWO. The case of the missing baby led police to search King’s home Thursday, where they discovered a computer box containing what is believed to be human remains, Lucas County Coroner James Patrick told the television station. The remains were found in King’s garage.

A news conference on the developments in the Baby Elaina case was scheduled for late Friday morning.

T.J. Steinfurth, the father of Baby Elaina, said he was “irate” over the discovery, although police have yet to say whether the remains are those of his daughter.

“It’s hard to be optimistic right now,” he said.

King was charged with obstruction of justice in connection with Elaina’s disappearance and appeared in court Thursday morning. It’s unclear if additional charges are forthcoming. The girl’s mother, Angela Steinfurth, was also charged with obstruction of justice.