• "Battlefield 2042" has a new release date
  • Instead of October, the game is now scheduled to release on Nov. 19
  • EA confirmed Early Access is set on Nov. 12

Following speculations surrounding "Battlefield 2042" Early Access date, game developer EA has finally confirmed the date on which special edition owners can access the game, while new information revealed the beta might start very soon because of tech test invites being sent to select regions.

EA previously said the early access date of "Battlefield 2042" is on Oct. 15, a week before the game's official release. However, since the announcement of the game's delayed release, the gaming studio did not disclose the new early access release date.

The "Battlefield 2042" Early Access date has been the center of speculation in the community ever since. Thankfully, EA has recently confirmed special edition owners, as well as those who pre-ordered can get their hands on the game a week before the Nov. 19 release date.

Battlefield 2042 title card Battlefield 2042 title card Photo: Electronic Arts

"Thanks to everyone who have sent their messages of support this past 12 hours or so - it's deeply appreciated by all of us on the team Yellow heart #BATTLEFIELD. I'll be helping to answer questions as we move towards Nov. 19. To help clarify on the below, Early Access = Nov. 12," EA Lead Community Manager Adam Freeman tweeted on Sept. 16.


Aside from early access, the game's beta, which was initially scheduled for September, has been delayed as well. EA and game developer DICE are expected to announce the beta dates and details sometime in October.

However, it appears that the announcement could happen very soon because of early tech test invites reportedly going around. "Interesting enough EA also sent out a survey for playtesters today for a 1-hour slot between Sept. 28 - Sept. 30," industry insider Tom Henderson tweeted.

"No word on what the game is, but the questions in the survey were FPS-focused. No tech requirements either, just a computer or laptop, a mic, and webcam," the insider wrote.

"There's an in-person EA play test happening from 27th - 30th Sept in France (expected to be the Lyon office). Invite participants could only pick "Battlefield" for the game they wanted to play," Henderson revealed on Twitter Tuesday.

"The other playtest happening 28th - 30th Sept (UK and Sweden residents only it seems) are still scheduled, with participants being asked to schedule a one-hour time slot and to have a working webcam. No hardware requirements were given," the insider said in a follow-up tweet.

Neither EA nor DICE has officially announced this supposed technical test. However, many fans believe it is a step towards the game's official beta. It also aligns with the timeline DICE proposed after the delayed release of "Battlefield 2042."