Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) this week released a new “Battlefield 4” trailer for its upcoming Naval Strike downloadable content pack, in an effort to give players a better look at what new content and game modes they should expect from the latest first-person shooter developed by Sweden-based EA DICE.

While the BF4 Naval Strike DLC includes four new naval maps, the “Battlefield 4” trailer focuses on the highly anticipated Carrier Assault game mode, which is a reimagining of “Battlefield 2142” Titan mode.

Similar to its future-based predecessor, “Battlefield 4” Carrier Assault mode pits two teams against each other with the goal of destroying each other’s base ship. In place of the mammoth hovering Titans from “Battlefield 2142” are aircraft carriers that can be destroyed by capturing land-based antiship missile sites located throughout the game map. After an enemy carrier is 50 percent damaged, players can achieve a faster victory by boarding the carrier and destroying it from the inside.

Based on the “Battlefield 4” Naval Strike trailer and the leaked Carrier Assault tutorial released earlier this month, the new BF4 game mode appears to fuse gameplay of the highly popular “Battlefield 2142” Titan mode with the fast-paced gameplay of Rush Mode, which made its first debut in the “Battlefield” franchise with the release of “Battlefield: Bad Company.”

BF4 Naval Strike players will also be able to utilize new weapons and a hovercraft once the Naval Strike DLC is released.

The “Battlefield 4” Naval Strike DLC will be available two weeks early, starting this Tuesday for premium subscribers, and on April 8 for all other users. Watch the full Naval Strike trailer here.