Gift wrapping is an art form, but it's been lost on the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. With so much to buy before Christmas, people either let retail stores wrap their presents or they hastily wrap them all at once. Typically, more thought goes into the present itself than the actual wrapping of the gift. But not in this case.

In a post from Reddit, one Redditor uploaded a photo gallery of a Christmas gift they bought for their brother. The first photo shows the gift, a winter hat with an original Nintendo Entertainment System controller emblazoned on the front. Yet, it's not the present that deserves credit here, but rather the wrapping job.

The next 11 photos from the gallery reveal that this person encased their brother's gift in nine separate layers, including a plastic bag, a steel trap, two newspapers, duct tape, ice, a garbage bag, and of course, wrapping paper.

The prank is excellent on multiple levels: It puts the gift just out of reach, and the wrapping required a great deal of thought, effort and craftsmanship. In all likelihood, deconstructing the gift will take several hours, and the brother will be pleased to find that his hard work resulted in a hat that sells for $15 in most retail stores.

Check out the images below to witness this masterpiece in holiday pranking.