• The iPhone can help its users manage their tasks through an app
  • These To-Do apps are available on the App Store
  • Some of these apps are free and would require subscription fees for improved features

Many apps on the App Store help its users do just about anything as long as it features permit it. However, there are some apps that help users manage these tasks according to priority and order. Here are some of the best To-Do Apps available for iPhone users.


Todoist is a free To-Do app on the iPhone which allows its users to organize tasks and even place them in separate sections. The tasks can be split up from shopping lists, hobby steps, and even work according to priority.

The app also has an inbox which shows the tasks needed to be done today and which ones need to be accomplished over a week or so.

Aside from simply holding the list of tasks for the users, it also tracks the user’s productivity trends which help them see how well they’re following their own tasks.

This app is available from the App Store for free.


This productivity app also lists down tasks for the user but offers users an option color-code their tasks. Organizing tasks is easier for those who like this feature.

Aside from color-coding, the app is also cross platform which allows users to transfer data seamlessly through iOS and Android. It also supports real time collaboration which allows many users to edit the To-Do lists fast.

The app is available for free but will need a $4 per month subscription fee to make as many lists and enjoy its features without limits.


This subscription app offers a minimalist way of making to-do lists. TeuxDeux’s interface is akin to writing down lists on clean paper. Tasks placed in this app can be set as recurring tasks, and will carry over to the next day if not done.

The app also has Markdown support, drag and drop gesture support, and allows users to use it on their iPhones and desktop at the same time.

The app costs $2.99 per month to use or can be paid $24 to subscribe for a year.

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Apple didn't tell buyers that updates could slow down their iPhone AFP / JACQUES DEMARTHON