• The Coronavirus outbreak is yet to be contained
  • Cleaning iPhones is a must to prevent the spread of viruses through smartphones
  • Smartphones must be cleaned with care to avoid damage

The COVID-19 outbreak has been spreading internationally and has many confirmed cases throughout the world. Viruses can latch on to surfaces, such as smartphones, and even be passed on without people knowing it. Fortunately, disinfecting the device can be done easily.

Rubbing Alcohol is Enough

If there is rubbing alcohol available, this will be enough to disinfect your smartphone. Directly applying the alcohol is ill-advised as it could damage the phone’s screen. To apply the alcohol, drop an ample amount on cotton or cloth and use it wipe the smartphone clean. Make sure that the device doesn’t look soaked when applying the alcohol rub to avoid any liquid damage on the device.

Once done with rubbing it with alcohol, you can use another swab of cotton or cloth to dry it out immediately for use. Disinfecting the device is advised after going out to crowded areas.

Phone Sanitizers

These phone cleaner device can also be used to clean up smartphones. Owners will just need to place the phone in this tanning bed-like device and close it in. The phone sanitizer would then emit ultraviolet light on the smartphone to kill the bacteria and viruses on it. The device can clean up to areas that can’t be swabbed easily. However, these sanitizers are costly and are normally priced from $99 to $119.

No Hard Cleaning Products

Aside from alcohol, cleaning products often used for windows, kitchen sinks, and toilets will damage the screen. Acetone, benzene, bleach, too much water, and cleaning powders are also not a choice in cleaning smartphones. Using these products would surely leave some damage on your device if applied.

Apple’s Way

Apple also has their own recommendation on cleaning the iPhone with slightly damp cloths. Lens cloths would work best but as long as the cloth doesn’t have lints and is slightly damp, it should do just fine. Wipe the device clean with the damp cloth gently to avoid damaging the oleophobic coating. While many iPhones are IP68 dust and resistant, it still would be damaged if submerged or exposed to too much dust.

After cleaning the device, make sure to clean your hands too. Phones can be the source of viruses but clean hands can also prevent the spread of the virus too. As of now, many countries are still working on containing COVID-19. South Korea is now on the highest alert after the infected cases doubled up overnight.

iPhone 11 Pro Unboxing
iPhone 11 Pro Aaron Yoo(CC BY-ND 2.0)