IBTimes culled together the best drinking games for SOTU 2014. Income inequality may be getting worse, but as Chuck Klosterman said, “Booze is the greatest of all equalizers.” Reuters

President Barack Obama will deliver his fifth State of the Union address on Tuesday, and even some of his biggest cheerleaders are starting to doubt whether the many challenges he vowed to overcome in 2008 will ever be met. But even if you feel like you’ve heard all the rhetoric before, there’s no reason to skip SOTU 2014 -- just don’t watch it sober. In the end, what better way to numb the pain of an intractable health care system, a disappearing middle class and eternal partisan gridlock than having a few drinks with friends?

IBTimes has culled together some of the State of the Union drinking games for 2014 (and there was a surprising number to choose from). As always, please drink responsibly, and remember it’s only Tuesday.

Debate Drinking

Those of us who remember the 2012 presidential contest between Obama and Mitt Romney will recall how difficult it was to stomach the protracted campaign without throwing a few back. At the time, the good folks at Debate Drinking came to our rescue with some brilliantly conceived drinking games for the presidential debates and another one for election night. Now they’re back with a brand-new game for SOTU 2014. The rules require that players pick a side (Team Bo and Team Sunny) and drink accordingly. Obama’s buzzwords include “challenge,” equality,” “Congress” and “Iran.” Republican terms include “Future,” “threat,” “wage” and “military.” Good luck. Full Game.

The Daily Caller

Who says right-wingers don’t know how to have fun? The conservative website Daily Caller was founded four years ago -- at the height of Obamamania -- so it’s difficult to imagine what its writers will talk about once the current administration is no longer in power. In the meantime, their SOTU drinking game is pretty amusing. Our favorite rule: Make a mimosa if John Boehner looks especially orange. Full Game.

Huffington Post

Since we added the Daily Caller, an entry from its left-leaning nemesis only seemed only fair. Jason Linkins, an opinion writer for HuffPost Politics, came up with a drinking game that is much more comprehensive, if only slightly more daring. OK, so we know Obama isn’t really going to pull out clemency papers for Edward Snowden and place them on a bear trap (one of the rules), but you never know: He may just quote Daft Punk. Full Game.

Streetwise Media’s InTheCapital has conjured up a nice insiders’ game for booze-thirsty Beltway types, courtesy of lifestyle writer Sophie Pyle. In addition to numerous buzzwords, the game requires players to finish their drinks whenever Vice President Joe Biden stands and Boehner stays seated. Also, take two sips when there’s a standing ovation. This is likely to be a high-scorer, so be careful. Full Game.

Cloture Club

Finally, no listicle of political drinking games would be complete without an entry from Cloture Club. The truth is, this one is worth it just for the spiffy graphic and Photoshopped image of President Obama clutching a beer in one hand and cocktail shaker in the other. The rules include drinking for as long as Sheila Jackson Lee hugs the president when he enters the chamber and every time he says he’s willing to “work with Congress.” (Yes, but will Congress work back?) The website asks folks to play along using the hashtag #SOTUgame, but be warned: Drinking and tweeting don’t always mix. Full Game.

The State of the Union Address will take place on Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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