If you’ve ever filed your income tax return, you’ll know that it can be a hellish experience if you’re not an accountant. This is especially true when you’re nearing Tax Day. This year, tax filing has become more confusing due to the pandemic. Now you have to take into account the stimulus checks you received, if you moved to another state or if you changed your job. 

To forego all these complications and stress, many have been searching for the best tax software of 2021. This type of software ensures that you’re not wasting time with the wrong documents and unnecessary information. Instead, you can double-check how much taxes you owe, how much tax refund you’ll get or electronically file your return. If you’re looking for the best tax filer to help you get all your taxation affairs in order, consider H&R Block for your taxes online. 

H&R Block helps you with all aspects of taxation H&R Block helps you with all aspects of taxation Photo: hrblock.com

What is H&R Block?

H&R Block is a tax software that simplifies tax filing. File your taxes online wherever you are through your smartphone or desktop. It has a free version that trumps other free tax software and offers the same functions as some of the best tax relief companies.

What are H&R Block's features?

H&R Block's easy process H&R Block's easy process Photo: hrblock.com

1. Online Tax Filing

File your taxes wherever you are. First, answer a few questions about your tax situation and anything that might affect it. Enter the info needed or upload photos or copies of your W-2 and other tax forms. Once you’ve reviewed and checked everything, file your return and get your maximum refund. What's great is that they offer an option to discuss your taxes with a professional if you need advice whether face-to-face or via video call.

2. Tax Prep Checklist

Create a checklist to prepare for your income tax return or use the ready-made checklist that covers everything from personal information to types of deductions. You likely won’t need all the documents on the checklist but it’s a great way to keep track of your documents and categorize taxation requirements.

3. Tax Calculator

If you’re not sure how much you’ll end up owing the IRS, H&R Block’s tax calculator will show you depending on your current situation. Answer a few questions on your personal life, income and expenses to see how much of your income is taxable and how much refund you can get.

H&R Block Tax Calculator H&R Block Tax Calculator Photo: hrblock.com

4. Stimulus Check Calculator

With another round of stimulus checks coming in, it’s always a good idea to be in the know with how much you could get from the IRS. H&R Block’s stimulus tax calculator for 2021 does that for you while its page answers frequently asked questions including how much, when will you get it and how will you get it.

H&R Block Stimulus Check Calculator H&R Block Stimulus Check Calculator Photo: hrblock.com

5. Tax Software

If you want added security for filing your taxes, you should try H&R Block’s tax preparation software. Once you purchase it, all you need to do is download and install it on your desktop. Answer some questions and follow the steps to get started. Upload last year’s return through the simple drag-and-drop interface. Once you’re all set, the system updates you about your refunds in real-time. Purchase it today and get 20% off. 

H&R Block Reviews

H&R Block reviews H&R Block reviews Photo: hrblock.com

H&R Block’s free online tax filing system is considered one of the best on the market by NerdWallet’s Best-Of Awards 2021. Customers who availed its plans whether free or paid, truly appreciate its effectiveness and ease of use. According to users, the forms you fill up help you speed through the filing process. Once you’re all set, you can finally get your maximum refunds in real-time.

H&R Pricing

H&R Block's plans and pricing H&R Block's plans and pricing Photo: hrblock.com

H&R Block offers free online tax filing services that any employee, student, or parent can use and appreciate. The free online version is best for W-2 employees, students and unemployment income. The Deluxe plan starts at $49.99 (+$49.99 per state filed) and is best for HSA contributors and those looking to maximize their credits and deductions. The Premium plan starts at $69.99 (+$49.99 per state filed) which gives access to tax-saving tools for your investments and expenses. This plan is best for filing rental income and other investments. Finally, the Self-Employed plan starts at $109.99 (+$49.99 per state filed) and is perfect for self-employed and small business owners who need tools to simplify filing business taxes. If you want to get unlimited help from tax experts, H&R Block’s prices start at $69.99 for on-demand video and chat help.