• President-elect Biden will announce Cabinet picks on Tuesday
  • Cabinet members will include people from diverse ideologies and backgrounds
  • It is unclear what positions will be filled on Tuesday

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to announce his first Cabinet picks on Tuesday, according to top advisers.

During an interview with ABC News on Sunday, incoming White House chief of staff Ron Klain confirmed that Biden is set to announce cabinet appointments on Nov. 24.

"If you want to know what cabinet agencies they are, who's going to be in those Cabinet agencies, you'll have to wait for the president-elect to say that himself on Tuesday," Klain said.

Senior adviser Kate Bedingfield also confirmed the report during an interview on "Fox News Sunday." She said the president-elect is "very excited" about the announcement, according to Politico.

"We will be making our first Cabinet announcements on Tuesday of this week, and I would say the president-elect is very excited about this team and looks forward to introducing them to the country," Bedingfield said.

Biden, who is working from his home in Delaware, is expected to fill multiple White House posts. While the former vice president's team have refused to disclose other information about the picks, senior adviser Jennifer Psaki said Biden's Cabinet members would be "diverse."

"Their Cabinet and the team will look like America, so that means diversity of ideology, and he wants to have a range of views of people at the table," Psaki said on CNN's "State of the Union."

Here are some of the people whose names are most commonly mentioned to fill positions in President-elect Joe Biden's cabinet, according to The Guardian.

Susan Rice, a longtime state department official, has been mentioned for multiple foreign and defense jobs. She was national security adviser during the Obama administration, and served stints as ambassador to the United Nations. She may be selected the next secretary of state.

Michele Flournoy, former President Barack Obama's undersecretary for defense policy, is one of the most commonly mentioned picks for secretary of defense in the Biden administration. She co-founded the Center for a New American Security — a think tank specializing in national security issues.

Outgoing Alabama Sen. Doug Jones has been widely mentioned as a possible next attorney general. He rose to prominence as a U.S. attorney after he prosecuted Ku Klux Klan members for the 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham.

Heidi Heitkamp is the most commonly mentioned contender for secretary of agriculture. She is a known advocate on rural issues and trade that affects the farming community.

US President-elect Joe Biden addresses reporters in Wilmington, Delaware
US President-elect Joe Biden addresses reporters in Wilmington, Delaware AFP / JIM WATSON