11-20-2013 12-23-03 PM
Scroll down for an interactive map. IBTimes/Lisa Mahapatra

Pollock’s Path, a street address on The Peak, Hong Kong, is the most expensive address in the world. Just one square meter of real estate in the neighborhood will set you back $120,000, according to a new report from Wealth-X’s billionaire series.

To put that in context, one square meter is just a smidgen bigger than an Ikea Hemnes coffee table.

Six of the 10 most expensive street addresses in the world were in Europe, one was in the U.S., one in Russia, one in Singapore, and of course, the most expensive one in Hong Kong.

The only New York address that made it onto the list was Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, the ninth-most-expensive street in the world, with real estate going for $28,000 per square meter.

Here’s a map of the 10 streets on Wealth-X’s list. Click on any street address to see how much a single square meter of real estate would cost, and who your most famous neighbors might be, if you decided to move there: