• Max Keiser increases his Bitcoin bet to $400,000 despite the initial target of $100,000 hasn't been reached yet
  • Keiser originally predicted for Bitcoin to go up to $100,000 back in 2012
  • Keiser thinks that at today's current price, it would be a steal for anyone to own the most popular crypto

While it's true that Bitcoin (BTC) is off to a good start since a month ago, the way it moves at present is still a shadow of how it changed price during the run to its highest peak in 2017.

At that point in the top crypto's timeline, it wouldn't be wild to make assumptions for the price to reach astronomical levels because, in that year alone, BTC soared 1,324% -- that's from its opening price in January to its closing price in December and not the high of almost $20,000.

At a meager 94% price acceleration last year, even with the run-up to near $14,000 in June, it's a far cry from three years ago. And at the moment, BTC looks as though buyers are drying up as it continues its descent from $10,000.

But that doesn't stop sky-high price predictions from taking place. Broadcaster and filmmaker Max Keiser, for instance, had foreseen how big Bitcoin is going to get back in the crypto's early days. In 2012, Keiser predicted that Bitcoin is going to reach a $100,000 price tag.

And although that didn't quite come to fruition yet, reaching at least a fifth of that value not too long ago is still a remarkable feat for a technology that's pushed aside in its infancy.

On Monday, however, the celebrated TV host put forward a more audacious wager as he quadrupled down his Bitcoin bet. While speaking at Alex Jones' Infowars, Keiser announced that he's betting on a $400,000 Bitcoin.

Keiser believes that $100,000 is too conservative and that at today's current price, it would still be a steal for anyone to own Bitcoin and played down the effects of short-term volatility.

"The good news… is that Bitcoin at $10,000 or $9,300 is equally as attractive as it was when it was $100," said Keiser.

Keiser's prediction may seem fanciful at this point, but it's certainly not John McAffe-ish -- $400,000 without a timeline is a perhaps more bearable than a $1,000,000 price tag this year. It's also closer to venture capitalist Tim Draper's prediction of $250,000 by 2023.

A Bitcoin-inspired card game is seeking for funding support via Kickstarter. Reuters/Dado Ruvic