This might just sound like a different and sad ending to the James Franco starrer 127 hours. In the movie, inspired by the real life story of a hiker, Franco rescues himself after a tragic fall into a narrow cavern, but fate was not that kind to Guillermo Pino, a hiker, who did not survive his plunge into a 60-foot deep mud cave.

A body found in an area of canyons, crevices and caves in East County by the search crews is believed to be that of the hiker who went missing on Easter Sunday.

Pino, a UCSD psychology student, had gone missing about a month ago when he went hiking with his family. The sheriff's deputies and search units were called on Sunday to the Anza-Borrego Desert State when the body was reportedly found in the Arroyo Tapiado area. Pino went missing from the same area, said the officials.

Pino's body was apparently discovered from a hidden cave and could only be found when the rescue team lowered a camera 20-60 feet down into the cave and found human remains upon checking the footage, reported the Mail Online.

The body had the same clothes on as Pino when he disappeared and although the body was quite decomposed, some facial features could be identified, reported

According to officials, Pino had no known medical condition and was a fairly experienced hiker. However, at the time of his disappearance, he was without shoes, water, food, flashlight or a cell phone, reported

Pino got separated from his family when he said he wanted to rest for a while and enjoy the view of the desert, reports, a website.

Since the body is some 60 feet down in the cave, a geologist is expected to assist authorities with retrieving the body, Jan Caldwell, a spokeswoman for the sheriff's department was quoted saying by

Frantic searches were on to find the 24-year-old Pino from the past one month.

Arroyo Tapiado is located between Scissors Crossing and Ocotillo in the arid East County, California, and is a popular recreation area.