Six months after splitting from Two and a half men star Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore seems to have finally moved on.

Moore, who continued to use her estranged husband's surname on Twitter for a long time, has finally changed her name to @Just Demi on the social networking site. Moore kept her over five million Twitter followers wondering for quite some time as to when she was going to change her Twitter handle: @MrsKutcher.

After there were reports that the 50-year-old diva was obsessed with her 33-year-old ex-husband, Moore defensively tweeted in December saying that changing her Twitter name was not her first priority.

Changing my twitter name isn't a top priority now. sorry it bothers so many of u. should I not tweet until I do? does it really matter? she had tweeted.

Moore, who was in rehab for a while after separating from Kutcher, was reported hopelessly addicted to ex-husband Kutcher and wanted to get back with him.

A friend of Moore's was reported telling Grazia Magazine that the 49-year-old actress was doing pretty ok in rehab until the Two-and-a-Half Men star showed up one day and that's when the whole obsession started again.

He didn't actually make it down until a couple of weeks ago, after promising to go numerous times before that. As everyone expected, his visit really threw her off and she went from being relatively calm to very anxious and edgy.

It was believed that Moore not changing her Twitter handle was also a part of the fact that she could not get over Kutcher.

Moore apparently found it difficult choosing a new handle for herself, which was playful and available too.

So hard finding a name that was fun somewhat playful and available, the actress tweeted Thursday evening. So for now it will be @justdemi It could grow on me! she tweeted.

Twitter users and other celebrity friends of Moore's tweeted, congratulating her on the new name.