According to the latest results received by the New York City Board of Elections, Republican candidate David Storobin held a 120-vote lead over Democratic candidate Lewis A. Fidler for New York's South Brooklyn Senate Seat. However, after months of political tension, both candidates for the 27th District seat declared victory to their supporters Tuesday night.

With at least 757 uncounted paper ballots, which will not be accounted for until next Tuesday, Democratic City Councilman Fidler feels as confident of a victory as Storobin, the current leader in the polls. Storobin currently holds 10,756 votes where Fidler has 10,636.

The special election is being held in order to replace former state senator Carl Kruger, who has pleaded guilty to corruption charges. Kruger admitted that he accepted at least $1 million in bribes. He faces two counts of fraud conspiracy, and two counts of bribery conspiracy, which all together can carry a sentence of 50 years in prison.

Storobin, who emigrated from the Soviet Union when he was 12, has drawn great support from Orthodox Jewish communities in the area. We fought all the way from the start with everyone saying we were the underdogs. We are confident that we will keep our lead and increase it, said Storobin.

Fidler similarly celebrated his victory as his campaign claimed that he was 207 votes ahead of Storobin. The good folks of Southern Brooklyn want someone with integrity to represent them. Every step of the way, Mr. Storobin has shown with his lies that he's not the candidate for them, and the voters spoke today, said Fidler's chief spokeswoman Jennifer Krinsky.

A clear winner will most likely not be announced for another 10 days, considering that the legal process will involve a random audit as well as the counting of emergency ballots.