A view of the many different types of Kentucky bourbon that are produced in Kentucky are displayed at a Party Mart liquor store in Louisville, Kentucky, Jan. 28, 2014. Reuters

After a bruising midterm election that gave the Senate majority to Republicans, President Barack Obama said he’d be willing to talk to Sen. Mitch McConnell, the current Senate minority leader from Kentucky who's poised to be majority leader after Tuesday’s elections, over “some Kentucky bourbon.” Obama’s reconciliation is an about-face from last year’s White House Correspondents' Dinner, when the president joked that he’s not too thrilled about drinks with McConnell.

If the “Bourbon Summit” is on, here are five Kentucky bourbons that Obama and McConnell should consider:

1. Booker’s

Obama and McConnell might not see eye to eye, but after downing this 130 proof, small batch Kentucky bourbon, the president and senate minority leader may agree to increase the minimum wage or reach a deal on climate change policies. Obama can score points with McConnell if he suggests combining the Booker’s with sweet vermouth and bitters to make a Manhattan -- McConnell’s favorite drink.

2. Kentucky Gentleman

Both political parties are viewed negatively by the American public, according to exit polls from the 2014 midterm election. Obama and McConnell might become more relatable if they sit down over glasses of Kentucky Gentleman, which isn’t exactly top-shelf stuff. At 80 proof and 51 percent bourbon, it’s barely able to be called that. But it’s also relatively cheap and would be the equivalent of Obama and McConnell working out a compromise on immigration reform over Busch Light -- appealing to both Latino voters and tea party supporters concerned about government spending at the same time.

3. Wild Turkey

This would be a compromise between Booker’s and Kentucky Gentleman. Wild Turkey is one of the most widely recognized Kentucky bourbons. It packs less punch than Booker’s at 81 proof, but it’s a much more respected brand than Kentucky Gentleman.

4. Pappy Van Winkle

This Kentucky bourbon is so highly sought after that a bottle went for $2,600 on the secondary market, according to the Washington Post. That’s because Pappy Van Winkle is bottled in limited supply, with only 7,500 cases shipped this year. But tracking down this 90 proof Kentucky bourbon shouldn’t be difficult for the leader of the free world and the soon-to-be most important man in the Senate.

5. Hancock's President's Reserve

This single barrel bourbon was hailed as a “well-crafted whiskey” by and is known for its light and sweet taste. The bourbon is said to go well either on the rocks or in a Manhattan, so it’s up McConnell’s alley.

Bourbon Summit details, or even an agreement to hold one, have yet to be hashed out -- still, Kentucky bourbon distilleries are jockeying to hold the summit: