The gym teacher from Queens, New York who punched Jersey Shore star Nicole Polizzi Snooki on the show says he does not recall throwing the punch.

Brad Ferro was arrested for hitting the reality star at the Beachcomber Bar & Grill in Seaside Heights back in August after a verbal altercation.

Ferro told the New York Post that he was so drunk the night of the punch that doesn't recall it.

It's all fuzzy. I remember a punch -- I don't remember who or why and I remember being arrested, Ferro said.

After he was shown the video of the punch he apologized for his actions.

I couldn't believe that I'd ever do anything like that. I was raised to act in a respectful manner to women, Ferro added.

I deeply regret what happened, he goes on. Nobody deserves that. That was not the real Brad Ferro.

Watch punch: