Brandon Jennings
Lashontae Heckard has reportedly filed to dissolve her domestic partnership with a woman named Monique Blanton, lending evidence to rumors that she and boyfriend Brandon Jennings (pictured left) are planning to get married. Reuters

Detroit Pistons star Brandon Jennings will be able to legally marry his girlfriend and rumored fiancée, Lashontae Heckard, after her domestic partnership with a woman comes to an official end, according to a report.

Heckard, 36, is still legally bound to Monique Blanton, her domestic partner since 2008, reports TMZ Sports. The former video model won’t be able to marry Jennings until her existing attachment is legally dissolved.

Documents filed to Los Angeles County Superior Court reveal that Heckard took Blanton’s last name as her own, the website notes, but the couple separated in 2011 due to "irreconcilable differences."

In addition to the dissolution of her existing domestic partnership, Heckard will reportedly seek to restore her own last name as her legal title. When the documents clear Los Angeles County Superior Court, Heckard and Jennings will be free to marry.

Heckard’s engagement to Jennings became public knowledge after she posted a photo of herself wearing a diamond ring to her Instagram account, along with the caption “We don’t care. What you think!!!” The photo has since been deleted. It’s unclear when the pair began dating.

The caption was likely a reference to Heckard’s feud with rapper Teyana Taylor, who also dated Jennings for several years. Taylor and Heckard were once close friends.

Jennings recently claimed that he has “been single” since he was 21 years old, but Taylor told “The Breakfast Club” radio program that they were once engaged. She also discussed how she learned of Jennings’ apparent engagement to her friend “via the blogs,” and decided to call Heckard directly.

“I called [Heckard] and she got defensive, and I was like, ‘Tae, lower your tone,’” Taylor said. “When you’re friends with someone, you’re more hurt and disappointed than angry.”