Remember the “brosurance” ad that infamously promoted Obamacare with an image of three fratty college boys doing a kegstand? Well, the ad creators are back with a new line of Obamacare ads targeted at college women on the "Do You Got Insurance?" website.

Created by the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and ProgressNow Colorado Education, the new line of Obamacare ads touts the Affordable Care Act's benefits for women in the some of the least subtle ways possible. What else would you expect from the firm that advertised Obamacare with a kegstand?

The most notorious ad features a woman thanking Obamacare for her birth control, because now her biggest worry is "getting him between the covers." The ad immediately drew criticism online, but at least it's thoughtful enough to note that birth control will not prevent STDs.


Perhaps not the most tasteful insurance ad in the world. So what led to the creation of ads like this?

"We were really focused on getting the word out to ... young adults, families, women, and minority groups," Adam Fox, director of strategic engagement for CCHI, told Mother Jones after the infamous “brosurance” ad debuted. "We were trying to connect with young adults, and we thought, 'What are things that might connect with college-age folks?'"

Of course, the CCHI didn't stop with the birth control ad alone. So let's say that, for instance, casual sex isn't your thing. Well don't worry, because the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative has ads catering to your lifestyle, whether you're a girl who loves to drink

drink and work out

or just pretend to hang out with Ryan Gosling.

Sounds like they have all the bases covered.