Burger King has revamped its logo, the first overhaul in over 20 years, but fans of the burger chain are not so sure of the company’s bold move.

Burger King announced the logo change on Thursday, saying it was “inspired by real and delicious food” with a more modern take that will “more authentically represent Burger King values” going forward.

The logo, they said, better reflects Burger King's “food journey” by capturing what the company called its “mouthwatering, big and bold, playfully irreverent, and proudly true” brand characteristics.

“Design is one of the most essential tools we have for communicating who we are and what we value, and it plays a vital role in creating desire for our food and maximizing guests’ experience,” Raphael Abreu, Restaurant Brands International head of Design, said in a statement. “We wanted to use design to get people to crave our food; its flame-grilling perfection and above all, its taste.”

The transition from the current logo, which was introduced in 1999, to the new minimalistic logo pays homage to Burger King’s heritage while building on a design that the company said is “confident, simple, and fun.”

The colors of the logo were selected to be rich and bold, inspired by Burger King’s flame grilling process and ingredients, while the font was chosen because it was called “Flame” and was “rounded, bold, and yummy” like the company’s personality, it said.

But Twitter had some other ideas about the new logo from Burger King, which it claims mimics its logo from previous years.

Others on Twitter have even suggested that Burger King’s logo looks oddly similar to some other well-known logos.

Some on social media used the new logo opportunity as a chance to roast Burger King.

But others approved of the new branding, saying they liked it.

The rebranding comes as Burger King made the decision in October to remove all colors, flavors, and preservatives from artificial sources from its menu items as it looks to be more environmentally sustainable.

At the time, the chain put the recipe for its Whopper on the wrapper to show its transparency in producing the burger with all-natural ingredients.

Burger King will include the new logo on all packaging, merchandise, menus, crew uniforms, signage, restaurant décor, social media, and digital and marketing assets. The restaurant said the logo will roll out starting in early 2021.

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A Burger King logo. Burger King