Online retailer Zulily said it can beat Walmart (WMT) and Amazon (AMZN) prices and is even offering a best price promise to make sure it does.

The company, which sells a range of apparel, accessories, home décor, and tech products, has added a new competitor price feature to its website and app. The new feature will allow shoppers to compare Zulily’s prices to Amazon’s and Walmart’s to make sure they are getting the best deal on their purchase.

According to Zulily, it launches thousands of products each day for up to 70 percent off, and it is committed to making sure its customers save time as well as money when shopping online. The company also said that many consumers perceive that Amazon and Walmart offer the lowest price, but its price comparison feature will show otherwise.

A study by Wakefield Research agreed with the retailer indicating that 38 percent of shoppers perceive Walmart to be the leader when it comes to the lowest prices while a total of 27 percent of shoppers perceive that Amazon offers the lowest prices.

Zulily, however, said its price comparison feature will show that about 97 percent of the time, it has lower prices on identical products than both retailers. But if a consumer does find a product cheaper on Walmart or Amazon, Zulily will match the competitor’s price through its best price promise by submitting a price match request.

“While shoppers perceive that Amazon and Walmart have the lowest prices, we are confident that we provide shoppers the best deal,” Jeff Yurcisin, president at Zulily. “Pricing is so easily obfuscated across the web. When you think about saving $5-$10 on an item, and purchasing multiple items, per order, which many of our customers do, that’s meaningful to a household budget at scale.

“We want to make shopping fun, but also recognize that our customers are savvy and making informed choices as families seek to maximize their budgets, especially during the holiday season,” he added.

Zulily is offering the competitor price feature and best price promise to all customers in the U.S. from Wednesday to Dec. 19.

Shares of Amazon stock were down 1.22 percent as of 3:46 p.m. ET on Wednesday while shares of Walmart stock were down 1.38 percent at the same time.

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