With the increasing number of states that allow the use of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes, households with pets are at risk for having their furry friends accidentally ingest these products. However, veterinarians are cautioning weed users to limit their pets’ exposure and monitor the stash, as cannabis may be fatal to dogs and cats.

The short reminder for pet lovers who also use marijuana is that while humans get high, pets can get sick and die from overdose.

According to University of Alberta animal science teacher and veterinary nurse Connie Varnhagen, dogs and cats can get poisoned. Dogs, in particular, have plenty of cannabinoid receptors all over their body and brain so they are extra sensitive to THC. They are also adventurous eaters, making them more prone to accidentally eating your supply. Cats, while pickier with food compared to canines, are also susceptible.

Edmonton-based veterinarian Natasha Russell said that while when a pet is admitted due to weed toxicity, they are typically kept in an enclosed space that will keep them safe and are given plenty of hydration. The recovery time usually takes half a day to a full day. Induced vomiting is rarely done for pets, but if the substance was ingested, such as when an infused brownie or drink was taken, purging might be necessary.

How do you know if your pet has been exposed to marijuana? Animal Medical Center staff doctor Dr. Carly Fox says to observe for signs of ataxia or loss of coordination, hypersensitivity to touch (and sound), and incontinence. A physical exam will also reveal a lower temperature than usual and a slow heart rate.

The best way to find out is to seek medical attention. Never just assume that your pet is all right and was only exposed to weed minimally. Pet parents should also not try to induce vomiting themselves because it can result in accidental aspiration or choking. Overall, if you have a stash of marijuana at home, be sure to keep them properly stored where pets cannot accidentally have access to them. When you do smoke, the safest way to do it is to enjoy it outside so your furry buddies have limited to no exposure.

Woman carries pet dog
An owner and her dog of the breed Lagotto Romagnolo. Getty Images/Jens Schlueter