Combi USA Recall 2014
Specific models of Combi USA Inc.'s Coccoro, Zeus Turn and Zeus 360 child safety seats are being recalled due to a potentially defective restraint straps this week. Combi USA

Children using specific models of Combi USA Inc.’s child safety seats could be in danger according to a recent recall issued by the child care company.

After being deemed incompatible with the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act’s child restaraint system standards, Combi Usa Inc. issued a recall for three of their child safety seat products Friday. According to the North Carolina-based company’s press release, specific models of their Coccoro, Zeus Turn and Zeus 360 child safety seats (an estimated 33,000 total) are being recalled due to potentially defective restraints.

“The webbing use on the harness of the affected child restraints has an embedded plastic button that keeps the buckle tongue from sliding into the recesses of the restraint. The wedding with the embedded plastic button, when tested independent from the child restraint system, does not meet the minimum breaking strength requirements,” reads the press release, adding, “The embedded plastic button affects the overall strength of the seat belt assembly, and in turn could potentially affect the overall performance of the child restraint in the event of a crash.”

Despite issuing the recall, Combi USA Inc. claims that no injuries or accidents have been reported in connection to the recalled products.

According to a report from the NY Times, the consumer notice comes on the heels of Combi's request to be excused from the recall despite failing to meet federal act's safety standards. Allegedly the child care product company, a subsidiary of the Combi Corporation in Japan, wanted to be exempt from issuing the recall due to their belief that the discovery was "inconsequential to motor vehicle safety."

Customers affected by the recall are advised to continue use of the recalled products while awaiting the arrival of a free remedy repair kit as the child restraint system, as a whole, complied with Federal Motor Vehicle Standard 13. According to Combi’s official Facebook page, the kits will be available to order online starting February 6th. Online repair directions for Coccoro and Zeus Turn & Zeus products are currently available online.

For more information, contact Combi USA’s recall line at: 1-844-697-1690.

Combi USA Inc. Recall 2014:

Combi Coccoro Child Restaint--Model 8220--Manufacture Dates: January 6, 2009- December 5, 2012

Combi Zeus Turn Child Restraint--Model 8815--Manufacture Dates: July 15, 2007- March 25, 2009

Combi Zeus 360 Child Restraint--Model 8836--Manufacture Dates: February 25, 2009- May 24, 2012