There is no stopping the Shell Group of companies from their environment sustainable projects most especially those that engage the youth in preparation for tomorrow's challenges.

Shell's Eco-marathon, which involves student teams to design, build, and test ultra-energy-efficient vehicles, is due to come to the North and South American Region in April 2013 in Houston, Texas.

Beginning in the school term this fall of 2012, team registration for high school and university teams across the South to North America will begin.

For those aspiring to design, build, and test the fuel-efficient vehicles that can travel the farthest distance using the least amount of energy will need to use this interest form in order to participate in the seventh annual super mileage challenge set on April 5-7, 2013.

Last year's winner is from Mater Dei High School from Evansville, Indiana, USA. The team from Mater Dei HS achieved the best run of 2,188.6 miles per gallon in the Prototype class, Gasoline category.

The team outlast the other participants as they circle through the city streets for the Discovery Green Park.

Mater Dei HS also achieved a best run in the UrbanConcept class, Gasoline category, with a run of 611 miles per gallon, in addition to other awards.

Louisiana Tech University celebrated after winning the Diesel Fuel first prize in the UrbanConcept class with a run of 488.7 miles per gallon. The school also placed second in the Gasoline Fuel category in the UrbanConcept class. 

If you think you have a better idea that could defeat the record of the previous winners, there is still time to join Shell's Eco-Marathon, where the youth gets involved in saving the environment and the future.

It is not just talk and honeyed speeches, it is in doing that event participants at the Eco-marathon brings out the best in the team members as they share their time and talents even amidst the uncertainty of victory.