Mother testifies
Casey Anthony reacts while listening to her mother Cindy Anthony testify in Casey's murder trial at the Orange County Courthouse in Florida. Reuters

Defense attorneys have a number of tricks up their sleeves, many designed to make the jury sympathize with a defendant. And Casey Anthony, who was accused of murdering her baby daughter Caylee Anthony, needed all the sympathy she could get.

One of the main reasons that the American public was so enthralled with the Anthony case was that after her daughter's death, Casey Anthony spent the next few months partying and living a happy, crazy life. People were outraged at Anthony's insensitivity and many wondered how an innocent woman could go on cavorting while her child was missing, or even dead.

The news of Anthony's bad-girl attitude led many to believe that she killed her own burdensome child so that she could be free to do as she pleased.

If the prosecution were to play up Anthony's partying, unaffected image, then the defense would need to counter it in any way possible. One way would be to make Anthony look unassuming, even homely.

It is reasonable to assume that her defense attorneys coached Anthony in terms of her appearance, to make sure that when the jurors looked at her, they would not see the hard-drinking, grind-dancing 25 year old they were told to see by prosecutors.

If that was their plan, it certainly worked. Anthony was found not guilty of murder.

Below are pictures from the before and during the trial. Judge for yourself.