The praise of Casey Neistat for Elon Musk-led Tesla solar roof staffer evoked a response from Musk who said: “Innovation comes in many ways.”

An impressed Casey Neistat tweeted that he asked the energy surveyor who came to his house whether he needed a ladder to see the roof. “He took out the most boss selfie stick I’ve ever seen.”

The filmmaker is known for the media company Beme, which was acquired by CNN. His 368, offers creative space for creators to collaborate artistically.

Tesla had launched the third iteration of its solar roof shingle tiles for residential use. On the occasion, Elon Musk explained to the media how the salient features of V3 Solar Roof Installations stand out.

Since the concept’s launch three years ago Tesla has modified the product and launched two different iterations.

Reduced installation time

Musk said the focus will be on reducing installation time and making it faster than traditional shingles with solar panel shingles on top as an innovation. That is a significant change from version two of the solar roof plan.

Musk said hiring and training specialized installers will be the key task in the first phase and finally, installations will go to third-party contractors.

The pace of installation will expand in the coming weeks as the production gets ramped up to 1,000 new roofs a week. The comment from Casey testifies that the innovations are working faster.

Tesla’s solar roof tiles are designed to look like normal roof tiles on a house but redouble as solar panels generating power without compromising on the aesthetics.

Solar shingles are a new technology where tiles look like ordinary asphalt shingles on the roof yet offer the same durability and flexibility as regular shingles, harnessing solar energy to generate power for homes.

The energy produced by solar shingles can vary depending on the brand used as solar roof shingles. Being lightweight and easy to install they also withstand rain, wind, and hail.

GettyImages-Tesla logo
A Tesla showroom stands in the Meatpacking district in Manhattan in New York City, June 6, 2018. Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Customer-friendly buying mechanism

Tesla’s Solar Roof website helps customers with a pricing estimator, which puts the cost as $42,500 for the average 2,000 square-foot home. On offer is 10kW solar panels. The cost suggests $33,950 is the payable price with an $8,550 coming as a federal tax incentive.

Given the dual function of Tesla solar roof, with conventional roofing material and provision to produce electricity, solar shingles are also known as building-integrated photovoltaics. It marks a transition from traditional energy symbolized led by names like duke energy.

Tesla Solar Roof type BIPV has competition from brands such as CertainTeed Apollo II Solar Roofing, Luma Solar Roof, RGS Power House, SunTegra, Exasun X-Tile, Forward Solar Roofing, and Hanenergy Han Tile.