Israeli missiles fired into Gaza has reportedly killed at least six Palestinians, including two women, despite a ceasefire brokered by Hamas.

One attack on the city of Khan Younis killed two members of the al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said uninvolved civilians have apparently been injured in one strike.

The IDF regrets that the Hamas terrorist organization chooses to operate from within its civilian population, using it as a 'human shield', the IDF statement added.

We are acting as we see fit so that this type of fire will not continue, and so that the people behind the fire will regret it,'' Matan Vilnai, an Israeli cabinet minister, told Army Radio.

In response, rockets from Gaza have reportedly fired into southern Israel, but it is not clear if Hamas was responsible or some fringe militant group who did not agree to the ceasefire.

At least ten Palestinians have died in border clashes since Thursday, the worst spate of violence in Gaza in two years.

A reporter for Al Jazeera said Hamas really doesn't want to risk an escalation of violence with Israel, and that is very clear simply by the fact they said they would stick to the ceasefire, adding that only one faction in Gaza agreed to abide by the ceasefire.

It's one thing for factions and groups to say that they will abide by the ceasefire, but it's another thing to see them actually stick to it, she said.

Yesterday, Hamas, which ruled over the Gaza Strip, said it agreed to enforce a ceasefire as long as Israel stopped firing rockets onto the territory.

Israel’s repeated attacks onto Gaza comes in retaliation for a Hamas attack on Thursday that wounded two people in a school bus near the Nahal Oz kibbutz. Militants from the al-Qassam brigades fired anti-tank shells at the bus, the first time such a weapon has been used against civilians in this long-running conflict.

The US government condemned Hamas’ attack on the Israeli school bus.