• Use environmental interactions as much as possible without placing marines at risk
  • Abuse critical hit mechanics to keep enemies debuffed or disabled
  • Invest in the right ship upgrades early to prepare for a strong mid-late game

Fighting back the forces of Chaos is no easy task, even for the Imperium’s secretive order of Grey Knights. “Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters” plunges players straight into the heart of an intergalactic plague, and it really is as dangerous as it sounds.

“Daemonhunters” will force commanders to make difficult decisions in and out of combat as they try to prevent the Bloom from consuming everything. Here are a few tips on how to win every battle while making sound decisions along the way in the game’s main campaign.

Battlefield Tactics

The turn-based combat in “Daemonhunters” plays similarly to most other games in its genre, but there are a few key differences that players should take advantage of.

First, always use the environment. The levels in the game have numerous interactable set pieces that the Grey Knights can use against the forces of Chaos. Smart usage of the environment can quickly turn the tide against the enemy, but be careful not to send a space marine in a bad spot.

Second, critical hits are extremely powerful. Instead of just dealing more damage than usual, crits can also apply various status effects and debuffs. “Daemonhunters” uses a “Fallout”-style VATS system where players can choose which body part to target when dealing crits.

Lastly, always be ready for warp surges. The Bloom is always present, and when it acts out, players will be faced with unpredictable challenges. Always drop into the mission with warp surges in mind.

Chaos Gate Daemonhunters is a tactical turn-based game set in the brutal WH40K universe
Chaos Gate Daemonhunters is a tactical turn-based game set in the brutal WH40K universe Complex Games

Upgrade priorities

Like in most games, it’s best to invest in early upgrades with big pay-offs in the mid-late game.

Building a Meditation Chamber early on can be a great investment as it grants a bonus to XP gains to all marines. This is especially great for leveling up backup squad members who can act as replacements for wounded veterans.

Next, consider getting a Regeneration Unit for faster wound recovery.

Lastly, build an Augmentation Chamber early to get a steady stream of Servitors, the main resource used for upgrading the ship.

Other upgrades, like Void Shields and Warp Drive improvements, might take priority depending on the situation of the campaign.