The death toll following Saturday's earthquake in Chile rose to 214, Chilean television reported Saturday afternoon.

Chile was hit by an 8.8 magnitude earthquake that also triggered a tsunami warning across Hawaii, Russia, Japan and Australia Saturday morning.

The 90-second quake had 11 after shocks. It destroyed bridges, buildings and highways and cut off telephone and utility services in major areas in Santiago de Chile, the capital and Concepcion city.

About 500,000 homes were severely damaged and a total of 1.5 million suffered some level of destruction, Chile's Housing Minister Patricia Poblete said Saturday.

The city has endured well, Poblete said, adding that most of the damages were on old buildings. The Minister noted that it would take from 15 to 20 days to evaluate all the damage.

Chile's quake was touted as one of the biggest anywhere in more than a century.