China's top telecommunications equipment maker Huawei Technologies said on Monday that it has established a security center in Britain to allow its products and software to be examined and tested.

Huawei, which has seen its plans for global expansion crimped by national security concerns among foreign governments, hopes that its Cyber Security Evaluation Center, opened last month in Britain's Banbury, will allay those fears.

This center is like a glasshouse - transparent, readily accessible and open to regulators and our customers, said John Frieslaar, managing director of the center, in a press statement.

The security center will test hardware and software to ensure its ability to withstand cyber security threats.

Huawei and ZTE Corp faced turbulent business headwinds earlier this year when India blocked imports of Chinese telecommunications equipment, citing national security concerns. The ban was lifted after the Chinese companies complied with a new set of rules.

Both companies were also kept out of a large Sprint Nextel Corp contract because of U.S. national security concerns, the Wall Street Journal reported last month.

(Reporting by Melanie Lee; Editing by Chris Lewis)