Does New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s weight make him unfit to be president? The governor shot down that idea when he sat down with Barbara Walters.

In Walters’ “10 Most Fascinating People” special airing Wednesday night, “The View” co-host asked the rotund Christie about his weight and asked him to address critics who say he’s too fat to be president.

“That’s ridiculous,” Christie answered, according to the Associated Press. “I don’t know what the basis for that is.”

Christie’s name has been floated as a possible 2016 Republican presidential candidate, and some Republicans wanted the popular New Jersey governor to run in 2012.

Christie acknowledged his weight problem, telling Walters that he is “more than a little” overweight.

Walters asked him why that’s the case.

“If I could figure that out, I’d fix it,” Christie responded.

As rumors of a 2016 presidential bid persist, Christie announced he would run for re-election as governor next year.

The race may be one of the most closely watched contests of 2013, as Newark Mayor Corey Booker said earlier this week that he’s mulling a challenge to Christie.

Some Republicans blamed Christie for 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s loss to President Obama, saying Christie’s chumminess with Obama during Hurricane Sandy was a boon to the president.

Christie pointed to his response during the storm as proof that his weight isn’t a burden on his duties.

"I've done this job pretty well, and I think people watched me for the last number of weeks and Hurricane Sandy doing 18-hour days and getting right back up the next day and still being just as effective in the job," he said, according to the AP. "So I don't really think that would be a problem."

Walters isn’t the first interviewer to bring up Christie’s weight with the New Jersey governor.

Oprah Winfrey brought up the subject in January, asking Christie how he deals with those who joke about his weight.

He said he “developed a shell about it” to shield himself from the criticism, according to the AP.