Officers in Sandy Springs, Ga., are still looking out for a suspect that fled the robbery of an East Harlem pharmacy on Thursday. His alleged accomplice Rudolf Wyatt, who was shot dead by police, has been revealed as a fugitive wanted for murder around the Georgia area.

According to NY1, the fugitive, who emerged firing a pistol with his face hidden by a stocking, was suspected of shooting a man in an Atlanta suburb this time last year.

Wyatt and the missing suspect entered RX Center pharmacy on East 119th Street in demand of painkillers Percocet and OxyContin, as well as cash, whilst they held six customers inside.

Officers and a retired lieutenant arrived swiftly after a silent arm was hit in the store. Raffi Nakashin, who works in a gas station nearby, heard the officers command Wyatt to 'drop your gun,'' before Wyatt was killed and the second suspect fled.