• A report warned that climate change is threatening national security
  • Global warming could cause societies to collapse
  • Climate could affect military operations

A new scientific report warned that climate change is transforming into a catastrophic threat to national security. According to the report, the drastic effects of climate change could manifest in the next couple of decades.

The new report was drafted by a non-partisan security policy institute known as the Center for Climate and Security. Titled “A Security Threat Assessment of Global Climate Change: A Product of the National Security, Military and Intelligence Panel on Climate Change,” it was written through data and recommendations provided by national security, intelligence and military experts.

As indicated in the report, man-made climate change, known as global warming, is creating irreversible effects on the environment. In various parts of the world, the temperature is predicted to increase by 1.8 to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit by 2050s.

The report warned that the global rise in temperature would worsen natural disasters, which would directly affect certain aspects and infrastructures of societies.

“[Regions] would experience temperatures levels that render many areas of the region uninhabitable, competition over water resources, large-scale populations displacement, and social unrest leading to enduring conflicts and state failure,” the report stated.

Aside from the effect on civilians, the report also warned that global warming would have a huge impact on the operations of military personnel. According to the report, climate change would soon alter the geographic conditions of various areas around the world.

Since terrain is an important aspect in planning military missions, the changing geographical features would affect operations.

“Climate change will present significant threats to U.S. military missions across all of its geographic areas of responsibility (AORs), as well as to regional security institutions and infrastructure that are critical for maintaining global security,” the report explained.

As a solution to the growing problem of climate change, the report reducing or even eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. It noted that the world should strive to achieve net-zero global emissions. The report also called on world leaders to come up with new global efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, governments should ensure that certain vital systems, infrastructures and institutions are “disaster-proof.” This would ensure societies would still be able to function properly in the event of a major environmental disaster.

Australia has since October been overwhelmed by an unprecedented bushfire season made worse by climate change
Australia has since October been overwhelmed by an unprecedented bushfire season made worse by climate change AFP / PETER PARKS