U.K. border officials made a cocaine bust in a shipment of onion rings headed to the U.K. from France. The cocaine had a value of $44 million.

The cocaine was discovered Thursday when border force officers halted a truck that weighed 922 pounds.

"This was a really significant amount of drugs taken out of circulation," said Mark Howes, the branch commander for the National Crime Agency.

"The seizure will deprive the organized crime group responsible for them of profit which would have fueled more offending," Howes said.

The driver of the shipment — Piotr Perzenowski, 30, from Mazowieckie, Poland — was charged with smuggling Class A drugs.

He had an original court date scheduled for Saturday at Kent’s Folkestone Magistatres’ Court, but has been remanded for Dec. 13.

"Working with our partners such as Border Force we will continue to fight the Class A drugs threat in our mission to protect the public," Howes said.

The U.K. bust comes after six men were arrested in September in a $215 million cocaine haul off the coast of Plymouth.