A press conference held by Houston Police on Wednesday revealed that there was a miscommunication of information originally released about a security guard being “pricked in the neck with a drug” at the Travis Scott Astroworld festival.

The security guard later told police that he was “struck in the head” and not injected with a drug, according to Police Chief Troy Finner.

“The terms of the security guard that I discussed on Saturday, if you can remember, members of the medical team in the medical tent said that a male security guard had come in and said that somebody had pricked his neck, and we felt that it could have been something ingested,” Finner said.

“We did locate this security guard, his story is not consistent with that. He says he was struck in his head, he went unconscious, he woke up in the security tent, he says that no one injected drugs into him, so we want to clear that part up,” he added.

Finner said himself on Saturday during a press conference that, "We do have a report of a security officer... that he was reaching over to restrain or grab a citizen and he felt a prick in his neck."

The Travis Scott Astroworld festival is currently under investigation due to 8 people dying at the concert and multiple others being hospitalized from extreme "crowd pushing." Finner continued to go over other details about the investigation.

He noted that information about multiple people being given CPR was communicated to personnel in charge during the performance, but that the specific timing of this information is still under investigation. Finner said that the “ultimate authority to end a show is up to production and the entertainer.”

Police are also investigating the number of security officers that were on board for the concert. This information is currently unclear because there were three different security companies that do not have proper documents.

Scott now faces multiple lawsuits against him for alleged negligence of proper safety procedures.