Marijuana use for both medical and recreational purposes is gradually being accepted in many areas in the U.S., with 33 considering it legal for medicinal use and 10 for recreation. These numbers are expected to increase in the next months as advocates make local governments realize and acknowledge the merits of cannabis. This means plenty of options to explore in the culinary world, with coffee being one of the first enterprises to be literally infused.

According to a 100-page report by Cowan, the retail CBD market is expected to become a $16 billion industry by 2025. CBD oil is fast becoming the additive of choice for many types of food and beverage preparations, and international coffee giant Starbucks is likely not far from adopting it as well. Andrew Charles, an analyst at Cowan, said that if regulation of CBD oil as a legal additive to food happens, he envisions that Starbucks will be the one to be at the forefront of this shift.

For the meantime, however, Starbucks chief executive Kevin Johnson said that CBD oil is not in its immediate plans, though they are paying attention to the changing trends. It also might not happen quickly even if it becomes legal for food because the ingredient still needs to be studied more thoroughly to understand its correct and appropriate use.

Meanwhile, in Oxford, a cafe is reportedly selling coffee that contains a shot of CBD oil. The Organic Deli Cafe reportedly stirs the ingredient into its espresso. The drink is made the same way as the usual shot, then CBD oil is added to give it a slightly oily texture and unique smell. It is also added to its other blends, such as cappuccinos and lattes, for an add-on price of £2.50 ($3.30).

Starbucks Coffee
As marijuana and CBD become legal in many parts of the U.S. it will not be long before they are also found in major coffee chains like Starbucks. Pictured: The Starbucks logo is displayed in the window of a Starbucks Coffee shop Getty Images/Justin Sullivan