• Suarez urges everyone to do their little ways to help fight COVID-19
  • Suarez emphasizes the need for proper hygiene
  • Suarez remains in the sidelines but may be back by May

The sports world has been paralyzed by the coronavirus pandemic with most athletes forced into house arrest. Agencies advise most to stay indoors to prevent contracting the dreaded COVID-19 virus and expose themselves from it. But thanks to technology there are people like Luis Suarez who are making the most out of it, calling on everyone to do their role in this crisis.

The 33-year-old striker for Spanish Club Barcelona asked everyone to do their own little thing to help in containing the dreaded coronavirus. Among them included heeding the advice of medical authorities and governments to help in fighting the pandemic via his Instagram account.

"Hello everyone, from my house in Barcelona I wanted to send you a big hug, to send a lot of strength to all the people who are fighting against a virus that has us all very concerned,” Suarez said. “We must know that it is up to ourselves to be able to improve the situation. If we take care of ourselves, we take care of the next door and the entire population. Thousands of people who are suffering from a virus that worries the world."

The number of casualties continues to swell and deaths have been recorded. That includes the untimely passing of 21-year-old Spanish coach Francisco Garcia because of the coronavirus, reported. The numbers continue to increase by the day and Suarez believes that for everyone's sake - stay inside to avoid contracting and eventually spreading the virus.

Suarez emphasizes on the importance of hygiene and mentioned how cases have been rising over in Uruguay. It was a thoughtful gesture coming from the footballer, one of many folks who are doing their little way of spreading information and raising hopes of conquering this pandemic.

Suarez has not seen action for Barcelona as of late as he continues to recover from an ankle injury. Before being forced into the sidelines, the 33-year-old had already scored 14 goals in 23 games. The earliest possible time he could return after undergoing surgery in May. With the football world on halt, the added time-off gives the Uruguayan striker more time to properly heal up once the sporting world is ready to restart once again.

Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez scored 53 goals last season for Barcelona to record his most prolific campaign to date. Getty Images