A tourist couple found dead in a Greek guesthouse on New Year’s Eve appeared to have died by suicide during a satanic ceremony, according to local authorities.

A 23-year-old Bulgarian woman, Lilia Botuseva, was found dead on New Year’s Eve along with a 30-year-old German man in a rented room in the village of Vlachata on the island of Kefalonia, Australia-based Greek community newspaper Neos Kosmos reported.

The bodies were found by the owner of the property, where they had reportedly been staying since Dec. 26.

Botuseva's body was reportedly covered in blood, and a satanic pentagram as well as knives and candles were also found at the scene. Coroner Angeliki Tsiola said in her report that the woman started to cut herself with a blade causing abundant bleeding from several fatal wounds.

The unnamed man, after seeing Botuseva die, allegedly sat in a bathtub filled with water and thrust a knife through his heart. The coroner discovered that the Bulgarian girl, identified as Lilia Botusheva, had many older scars and cuts on her body, suggesting she had taken part in similar rituals in the past.

"The girl's death is the result of blood loss. It was with broken veins. The man also cut his veins, but after death, he took a knife and put it in his heart. Of course, we also expect toxicological results," a media lawyer was cited as saying by Bulgarian news site Blitz (in Bulgarian).

Botuseva, who studied in Germany, had been reported missing last June and was the subject of an Interpol notice to help find her, according to reports.

Her family also made numerous appeals on social media but called off the search after she contacted German authorities to say she was in the German city of Erfurt, the Sun reported.

"It's been a month now since my little sister Lilia Botusheva was last seen. She is still missing and there is no confirmed information about her whereabouts. So that's why I am begging you to contact the local police or me, if anyone has any useful information or hints," one of the posts read.

In an update, Martin Botushev, thought to be her brother wrote: "There is some information from the police officer, leading the case of Lili: Today, 8. Aug. 2017, the police officer spoke to Lili on the phone, registered on her name. Her whereabouts are still unknown, but in his opinion she is fine. She decided for herself to disconnect from her social life until now. Officially, the case is closed."

According to Neos Kosmos, Botuseva and her German companion had arrived in Greece while traveling in a car with fake number plates that had been hired in Germany. The villagers in the coastal village of Vlachata said the pair hardly ever left the house while they were staying there, reports said.