The coronavirus death toll continues to rise across the nation with California, Texas, and Florida reporting record COVID-19 death totals as the U.S. gets ready to break the 150,000 mark on Wednesday.

Not only did California, Texas, and Florida report record COVID-19 deaths, but Arkansas, Mississippi, and South Carolina also reported reported record-high average daily new COVID-19 deaths on Tuesday..

California, which has become the newest epicenter of the virus, reported 185 new COVID-19 deaths on Tuesday, pushing its seven-day average to 113 deaths, up 24% from a week earlier, CNBC reported. Total COVID-19 deaths in California have reached over 2,500, Johns Hopkins University said.

Florida also had a rise in COVID-19 deaths with 186 new deaths reported on Tuesday, pushing its state average to about 130 new deaths reported over the last seven days, up 14.3% compared to a week ago, the news outlet said. Total COVID-19 deaths in Florida were reported at 2,500 on Wednesday morning, Johns Hopkins said.

Texas also reported record deaths on Tuesday with 200 new COVID-19 deaths, the news outlet said. Texas has nearly 4,000 deaths as of Wednesday morning, Johns Hopkins University said.

The U.S. reported 10,000 new COVID-19 deaths over an 11-day period, Reuters data said. The country has the fastest-growing number of fatalities in the world, increasing to a total of 149,200 as of Wednesday morning, the university reported. Total confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. has reached over 4.35 million.

Globally there are over 16.7 million positive cases of the coronavirus with over 660,000 COVID-19 deaths, Johns Hopkins said. The U.S. is trailed by Brazil, India, and Russia in coronavirus cases and Brazil, U.K., and Mexico in COVID-19 deaths.

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