• A 37-year-old man in England harassed his mother and his nieces for a week after being refused money
  • He threatened to kill his nieces and rape his mother as well as his dead grandmother's corpse
  • The man received a 24-week prison sentence, suspended for 28 months, after pleading guilty

A 37-year-old crack addict in the U.K. harassed his mother and his nieces for a week as well as threatened to rape his dead grandmother's corpse after being refused money.

Charlie Moroney "turned up repeatedly" at his mother's home in the borough of Camden in northwest London, England, between May 23 and May 30 and threatened her and her grandchildren, MyLondon first reported.

Moroney pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly and to harassment causing a fear of violence before the Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court. During his sentencing Tuesday, he received a £50 ($70) fine for the former offense and a 24-week prison sentence, suspended for 28 months, for the latter.

The court was told that Moroney, who is homeless and is believed to have been sleeping in Regents Park Road, had used "homophobic language" and "threatened to beat up" his mother after she refused to give him money. He would then repeatedly bang against his mother's door while shouting her name "so everyone could hear."

In one outburst, Moroney had also threatened to kill his own nieces, who were staying at his mother's home at the time.

"He was screaming out my name so everyone could hear. I told them (his nieces) to stay in their rooms. I am scared what he will do," Moroney's unnamed mother was quoted as saying.

"I am anxious every time he is around. I am scared he will attack us and carry out these threats. i am anxious every time I hear anyone outside," she added.

Moroney also asked his mother for the location of his grandmother's grave so he could "dig her up and rape her." Moroney "didn't calm down" and continued to be "in a very angry state" even after police were called in to handle the incident, the court was told.

The court heard that Moroney had suffered serious brain injuries at the age of 15 that required two months in intensive care. His mental health reportedly "deteriorated" since sustaining the injury, and he has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Magistrates took an "extraordinary course of action," and Moroney avoided an immediate custodial sentence due to his need to access support and housing services.

Apart from the prison sentence and fine, Moroney must also complete 25 rehabilitation activity requirement days, pay £263 ($367) in costs and was made subject of a restraining order.

Representation. Charlie Moroney, 37, received a 24-week prison sentence and a £50 ($70) fine after he threatened his mother and his nieces for a week. Pixabay