• A 74-year-old Nevada woman was arrested Saturday for allegedly threatening to shoot her husband and herself
  • Police said the woman was upset that her husband got the COVID-19 vaccine
  • She was apparently worried about the vaccine's possible side effects

An elderly Nevada woman was arrested Saturday after she allegedly threatened to shoot her husband because he got the COVID-19 vaccine, local authorities said.

Deputies of the Carson City Sheriff's Office arrested 74-year-old Deborah Ellen McCauley in her Viking Way home at around 5:47 p.m. for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, news outlet Carson Now reported, citing local authorities. Police were responding to an open 911 call which asked for officers to be dispatched to a location where a woman was heard yelling in the background. 

McCauley told deputies that she was mad at her husband because he got vaccinated against the coronavirus and was concerned about its possible side effects, according to the Carson City Sheriff's Office booking report.

Officers placed her in protective custody after she disclosed she grabbed her handgun, deactivated the safety mechanism and told her husband she did not want to live anymore after learning of his vaccination. 

When told of her Miranda rights, McCauley told the apprehending officer to "shove it up his a--." Authorities said a deputy attempted to gather more information about the incident, but McCauley refused to answer any further questions.

Following McCauley's detainment, the unnamed husband explained to officers his wife started calling him names and even threw objects due to his vaccination. He told police McCauley allegedly grabbed her pistol from a drawer, pointed it at him and threatened to kill both of them. The husband then proceeded to retreat to the backyard.

Bail was set at $20,000.

The government has been ramping up its mass-vaccination program, with President Joe Biden announcing on Tuesday that all adults across the nation would be eligible to receive COVID-19 shots within two weeks. 

This comes after research showed that people's trust and confidence in the vaccines are increasing, with 60% of Americans saying in late 2020 they would definitely or probably get a vaccine if one were available. 

Some remain hesitant about getting vaccinated, however, as more vaccine-related deaths and complications are reported around the globe.

transport-4914825_1920 Representation. Police arrested 74-year-old Deborah Ellen McCauley for allegedly theatening to kill herself and her husband after she found out the latter received his Covid-19 vaccine. Photo: Pixabay