Some fans of the homestyle restaurant Cracker Barrel aren’t happy with its decision to begin serving up plant-based sausage patties from Impossible Foods.

The vegan option was announced by the chain back in June and a promotion for the meatless sausage was posted on its Twitter account recently, causing a stir with customers, who called out the restaurant as being “woke” for offering the alternative meat offering.

In a now-deleted tweet, Cracker Barrel promoted the launch of the Impossible Sausage, but backlash ensued from some customers in a series of responses, which were captured by one Twitter user.

One fan of Cracker Barrel unleashed on the chain, calling the Impossible Sausage “woke,” saying the chain was going to go “broke” by offering the meatless menu item.

Another customer said, “Are you kidding me? Who do you think your customer base is?” while still another other said, “Don’t ever try to push that crap in my direction. Stick to the basics that made your franchise a success.”

But other fans of the chain rallied and supported Cracker Barrel for adding the vegan option, calling out those that criticized the chain for its efforts.

The Impossible Sausage is its first plant-based menu item from Cracker Barrel.

Sarah Breymaier, director of Menu Strategy at Cracker Barrel, said in a statement at the time, "Our new breakfast menu innovations provide a personalized experience with delicious breakfast choices to satisfy every taste bud.”

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