An incident involving fire on a Russian cruise ship has been reported.

The ship was undergoing repairs in a yard when it caught fire.

According to cruise news, the three-deck “Holy Russia” ship was under repair near Bon, a town on the Volga River.  The ship was not functional since 2018, according to the authorities.

There were no casualties as no one was inside the ship, the news website Teller-report said.

It added that the Volga transport prosecutor's office will be taking follow up action over the incident.

Viral videos of the blazing ship have been posted to social media.

 The Russian state-owned news channel, RT also published a video that showed firefighters trying to douse the fire.

Vigil against cruise ship fire hazards

Generally, cruise ship fires are devastating because it is difficult to evacuate people in the middle of the sea.

The danger doubles when a ship carries inflammable cargo such as drummed gasoline and oils.

That is why having proper fire protection and fire detection systems is most important. Cruise ships need to satisfy themselves that they adhere to non-combustible construction regulations.

Chances of ship fires are high when fuel oil including diesel oil, lubricating oil is present and unguarded heat sources like electrical short circuit trigger fires.

For fire mitigation, keeping portable fire extinguishers on every part of the ship is a must.

Fixed gas fire extinguishers need to be kept ready in the purifier room of the engine because it is the most vulnerable area for a fire.

Fire alarm systems do provide early warnings to ship occupants and go a long way in reducing the threat of fire accidents in a ship.

Russia cruise on Volga River

Regarding the cruise business in Russia, the high point of Russia cruise is Volga river cruises.

They are special in exploring the fascinating landscapes of Russia. Internationally, it is as much popular as the Danube river cruise in Germany.

Attractive cruise deals are on offer by cruise liners with premium facilities that combine comfort and adventure. Exquisite dishes and exotic wines are some of the culinary attractions of the Volga cruise.

The Volga river cruise takes travelers to Russian cities such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Advantage of cruise travel insurance

Cruise is considered a great way to spend holidays as waking up in a different place every day is a great experience.

Therefore, having cruise-specific travel insurance can keep the mind peaceful even when leisure adventure is on.