Sandy 30 Oct 2012 Obama FEMA 2
U.S. President Barack Obama asks a question during a FEMA briefing about Hurricane Sandy as it threatens the East Coast, at FEM.A. Reuters

- President Barack Obama is holding on campaigning in battleground states for the third straight day, as he gets ready to tour New Jersey, which was heavily damaged by Hurricane Sandy this week. Obama will be visiting victims in Atlantic City. He will also make an appearance with the state’s Republican Gov. Chris Christie, who supports GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Often a critic of the President, Christie earlier this week praised Obama’s handling of the hurricane. A reported six people have been killed in New Jersey and Christie said the damage is "almost incalculable."

- With less than a week to go before the Nov. 6 general election, Obama still maintains his lead in the battleground state of Ohio. New polls released Wednesday morning by Quinnipiac University still shows Obama with a 5-percentage point advantage over challenger Mitt Romney. The result, which hasn’t changed since Oct. 22, shows Obama with 50 percent while Romney holds 45 percent among likely voters.

- While Romney is struggling to gain in Ohio, he has certainly narrowed the gap in the swing states of Florida and Virginia. Those states are too close to call at this time, as the Quinnipiac poll shows Obama at 48 percent to Romney's 47 percent in Florida, while Obama holds 49 percent with Romney having 47 percent in Virginia.

- While Obama stays off the campaign trail, Vice President Joe Biden will make a few stops in Florida on Wednesday. The President is expected to make a return Thursday with campaign stops in Wisconsin, Colorado, and Las Vegas.