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Rumors and speculation are abound on the internet as to when Apple will release its new Macbook Air.

The latest rumor is that it will be released today, according to sources in 9to5mac, but here is why it is unlikely to happen.

First of all, it is typical for Apple to be secretive about launch dates, but when products do get released, it tends to be on a Tuesday (although it's not written in stone). Today is Thursday (July 14), with no word of such a release two days ago.

But more importantly, the launch of Apple's highly anticipated new operating system OS X Lion has yet to be released. Apple would not release the new Macbook Air unless the operation system is first released, since it will come pre-installed with OS X Lion.

If any of these products are released, whether its the OS X Lion first or a simultaneous launch of both OS X Lion and Macbook Air, it will likely be next week (perhaps Tuesday?), but certainly not today.

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