When a Denver airport taunts and sticks it to Pittsburgh Steelers fans for their team's loss to Tim Tebow and the Broncos on Sunday, then you know just how much excitement there is in the Broncos to go all the way to the Super Bowl.

The Broncos were able to top the Steelers and their number one defense in a 29-23 overtime thriller that ended with an 80-yard miracle of a Tebow pass to receiver Demaryius Thomas. The Broncos made the playoffs for the first time since 2005, going as far as the AFC Championship game where they, ironically, faced the Steelers, but lost.

Airport staff must have let the combination of all that historical context and Tim Tebow motivate them enough to pull such a corporate stunt. Sure many among the staff are most likely Broncos fans, too. They along with customers who were fans probably got taunted in some way because Steelers fans probably thought that there was no way a .500 football team was going to take down the Steel Curtain-or at least the modern-day version.

At the same time, Broncos fans were probably hurling insults at the Terrible-Towel-waving Steelers fans for being on the short end of the most dramatic win since John Elway was quarterback. However, it was just a tiny flight board message that was merely the icing on the cake: the Twitter picture below shows all of the board's flight information for a United Airlines flight from Denver to Pittsburgh, including the question, How 'Bout that Tebow?

Knowing how tough and hard-nosed Steelers fans are, they probably haven't taken too kindly to that jab. But there's really no way to retaliate besides taunting. And that can't even be done because there isn't even a Steelers win to back it up.

Unfortunately Steelers fans, the Broncos fans got the better of this one. And all you can do is bide your time and think about how in God's name did Tebow just do what he did...again?