• Three gang members have been found guilty for their roles in the 2018 murder of Cymone Duran
  • 50 witnesses and over 400 pieces of evidence helped deliver the guilty verdicts
  • Two of the suspects face life in prison without possibility of parole

Three gang members were found guilty of significant roles played in the November 2018 kidnapping and murder of a woman from Denver whom the group labeled as a “snitch,” the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office said.

According to FOX affiliate KDVR, gang members Abel Candy Gallegos, Alonso Quintana and Rene Francisco Rosales were found guilty of multiple counts by a Jefferson County jury for their roles in the death of Denver resident Cymone Reyna Duran two years ago.

Within a span of three weeks, 50 witnesses stood before the jury for the trial. The DA’s office said over 400 pieces of evidence were presented as part of the trial process. Deliberation lasted for only four hours before the guilty verdict was announced.

The DA’s office revealed that the group of three labeled the victim as a “snitch.” Furthermore, Duran was a witness during a shooting in Adams County wherein she identified Quintana as a suspect early in 2018.

Based on the investigations, Gallegos first approached Duran through social media. Official data revealed that Duran met with Gallegos and others in a home in Denver on Nov. 5, 2018. Duran later left the said house with Gallegos and Rosales.

Gallegos, who already pre-planned a meeting with Quintana, took Duran to a West Colfax Avenue parking lot where the two suspects assaulted the victim. After the assault, Duran was driven to a dark area around Nile Street and West Seventh Avenue.

In the dark, the two gang members shot Duran 10 times. Quintana and Gallegos, then, left the area, returned after a short while, and set the burned the victim’s body.

The North Denver News reported that Gallegos is scheduled for a sentencing on Jan. 31. Quintana and Rosales’ sentencing will be on Feb. 24. Both Gallegos and Quintana are faced with life in prison without parole.

Duran is the mother of two daughters, whose death was among the most-followed cases in the United States due to the theory of investigators that her cooperation in identifying Quintana was a motive for the murder.

Colorado newspaper the Golden Transcript reported, in February 2019, that Jefferson County Sheriff’s officer TJ Woodin testified during hearings regarding an Uber driver’s knowledge of the murder case.

According to Woodin, Duran asked the Uber driver at one point before her death to “get me out of here.” The said driver also revealed to the Arvada Police Department that Gallegos threatened him of death should he reveal anything about the murder.

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Three gang members have been found guilty for their roles in the 2018 killing of Denver, Colorado mom Cymone Duran. A pathway leading to a home is pictured on June 30, 2012 in Bellvue, Colorado west of Fort Collins. Robyn Beck/GettyImages