Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose was overcome with emotion during the unveiling of his new Adidas shoe, the D Rose 3, with the NBA superstar on the verge of tears multiple times at the Chicago event.

Rose, who missed the latter part of the 2011-2012 season and the playoffs after tearing the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, held back tears during the shoe launch.

A video, which can be viewed below, played during the presentation and showed Rose being helped off the court after the injury before the phrase, "what's inside d rose can't be stopped," showed on the screen.

Shots of Rose undergoing rehab on the torn ACL follows as the Bulls point guard is seen with his head down, fighting off tears.

"I know it's emotional, but you just have to understand that you're inspiring millions of fans with your comeback, but the purpose of the return goes both ways because they're inspiring you," said Lawrence Norman, vice president of global basketball for Adidas. "Whether it's Facebook or Twitter or millions and millions of hits on your videos, inspiration goes both ways."

Norman then asked Rose to speak about the inspiration he gets from his fans, but D-Rose was too overcome with emotion to speak.

After regaining his composure, the Bulls point guard spoke about his rise from his humble beginnings growing up in Chicago to NBA superstardom.

"It's truly a blessing, man," Rose said as he fought off the sniffles, clutching the D Rose 3 in his hands. "With all this stuff that's going on in this city, a kid from Englewood has something positive going on. That makes me feel so good, man.

"This shoe is great, this is great, but I can't explain this. I can't, I went through so much and to have, like, true fans, that means a lot to me, and I know it means a lot to my family because we're not supposed to be here at all. But God made the way, and this is just truly unreal. I'm just happy that I have true fans out there."

Norman said Rose's show of emotion and his handling of the shoe launch was an expression of the NBA superstar's humble nature.

"Well you do, first of all, [have true fans,] and this is one of the reasons why you do," Norman said.

The display of emotion spurred "Derrick Rose" to trend on Twitter, where users saluted the NBA superstar for his down-to-earth demeanor. Rose also used his Twitter account to post a picture of himself wearing the D Rose 3.

"[W]atched @drose sneaker launch clip. his humility and gratefulness is touching. role model material," tweeted Sunny Brooks.

"I absolutely love @drose cannot wait for him to return to the NBA. He is so inspiring!" exclaimed Michelle Mazzarella.

"I have a lot more respect for #DerrickRose after watching this and seeing him cry at his shoe/apparel launch," wrote @iLoveMelo, who tweeted a link to the D Rose 3 launch clip.

"@drose you a true inspiration bro !! You are a great basketball player and you inspire me to be the best I can possibly be bro!!" said @TheReal_Dre1.

"Derrick Rose's humility is so rare," said @King_K_Capo. " I'm humbled."