• Warlocks have some of the most powerful Solar 3.0 builds in the game
  • Many exotics have excellent synergy with the new aspects and fragments
  • The Rain of Fire exotic is extremely potent with the Vex Mythoclast

It can be argued that Warlocks received the most exciting changes in “Destiny 2’s” Solar 3.0 update. From unlimited grenade builds to one particular loadout involving the Vex Mythoclast, Warlocks now have some of the most potent equipment options in the game.

Much of the synergies for this class come from exotic armor pieces and their interactions with the new aspects and fragments. Here are some of the best combinations players can use as of Season 17.

Starfire Protocol

This may just be the best DPS exotic for Warlocks at the moment. Starfire Protocol basically grants unlimited Fusion Grenades and Rift energy. It can reach the point where bosses can be defeated just with grenades and bits of weapon damage.

Fusion Grenades are particularly powerful because of the Touch of Flame aspect, which causes them to explode twice.

The Starfire Protocol chestpiece for Warlocks in Destiny 2
The Starfire Protocol chestpiece for Warlocks in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Verity’s Brow

Speaking of Fusion Grenades, Verity’s Brow is another great exotic to pair with them. This helmet grants stacks that increase grenade damage and every time its wearer throws a grenade, it grants all nearby fireteam members increased grenade energy.

This is especially powerful in situations that give players extra ability regeneration like the Atheon boss fight in Vault of Glass.

Rain of Fire

This exotic single-handedly brought the Vex Mythoclast back into the PvP and PvE metas. Rain of Fire grants all fusion rifles increased Airborne Effectiveness, and using Icarus Dash will reload all equipped fusion rifles for free.

The best part is that every fusion rifle kill will grant the Radiant buff. Combine this with Font of Might and High-Energy Fire for even more DPS across all activities.

Dawn Chorus

When using Daybreak, this exotic helmet will now apply Scorch instead of simple burn effects upon hitting targets, and it will improve Scorch damage from all other player sources as well. On top of these, it restores a bit of melee energy whenever Scorch damages an enemy.

Dawn Chorus isn’t as specialized as Starfire Protocol or some of the other exotics in the Warlock arsenal, but it’s an excellent choice for general-purpose play, especially in PvE where the extra damage for Daybreak makes the most sense.