• Sunbreaker Titans can spec into offense, defense or support depending on their chosen exotic armor
  • Titans can easily solo difficult content thanks to the updates to Solar and Resilience
  • Do not underestimate the damage potential of a well-placed Sunspot

The reaction of the “Destiny 2” community to Solar 3.0 for Titans has been fairly mixed. Some love it, but others feel the class received less exciting changes compared to Hunters and Warlocks.

This doesn’t mean that Titans aren’t strong or fun to play, though. With the right loadouts, players will be able to push through even the hardest of “Destiny 2’s” content with fire, fury and plenty of throwing hammers. Here are a few must-try exotics for the Titan class.

Phoenix Cradle

For support-oriented Titans, the Phoenix Cradle offers an excellent way to simultaneously buff allies and burn enemies. This exotic leg armor lets fireteam members enjoy the regeneration and healing effects of Sunspots, which is great for topping off everyone’s abilities and health pools.

With Sunspots now easier to proc, Titans can easily keep the team alive while also zoning out melee swarm enemies. This exotic works best in encounters with high mob densities like raid and dungeon arenas.

The Phoenix Cradle exotic leg armor in Destiny 2
The Phoenix Cradle exotic leg armor in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Heart of Inmost Light

Ability usage seems to be at the forefront of the Solar 3.0 update, and there’s no better Titan exotic for this kind of playstyle than Heart of Inmost Light. It makes every ability stronger while also reducing their cooldowns.

This chest piece is especially fun to use with the new Consecration melee ability since it lets players repeatedly slam their hammers down onto waves of enemies. It pairs well with Healing Grenades too.

Loreley Splendor

This exotic helmet has rendered many Titans virtually unkillable even in the toughest of encounters. Loreley Splendor causes barricades to create Sunspots on the Titan’s position. These Sunspots grant Restoration x2, which is much stronger than normal Restoration effects.

As an added benefit, every Sunspot the Titan creates will refresh Restoration x2’s duration.


These sentient gauntlets have been a mainstay in the Titan arsenal for years, and the recent nerf to Roaring Flames and One-Two Punch has made them even more valuable.

Synthoceps increases melee damage when the player is surrounded. It pairs extremely well with Throwing Hammers as it can easily buff their damage up to six digits when the conditions are met.