• Legendary raid weapons will become farmable in Season 17
  • Raids and dungeons will be added to seasonal and weekly rotations
  • It's unclear if raid-exclusive exotics are included in the lockout changes

Players will finally be able to farm legendary raid and dungeon loot to their hearts’ content once Season 17 of “Destiny 2” is released.

Weekly loot lockouts for raids will get removed next season, allowing players to farm for any raid-related loot they want without waiting for weekly resets, as per Bungie’s latest TWAB.

This will put raids like Vault of Glass and the new Vow of the Disciple on par with the dungeons like Grasp of Avarice in terms of loot farm potential. Players who are looking for god-roll Fatebringers or the last few Deepsight Vow weapon copies will soon be able to run raids as much as they want to get their coveted drops.

The lockout removal is part of a larger change that’s coming to “Destiny 2’s” Rotator system, which cycles priority in-game activities every week.

The Enclave serves as a safe zone where players can craft their own weapons in Destiny 2
The Enclave serves as a safe zone where players can craft their own weapons in Destiny 2 Bungie

Starting Season 17, there will be a featured raid and dungeon that will reward players with Pinnacle drops after completing their final encounters. Pinnacle rewards will only drop once per week (and presumably, once per character).

Every new raid and dungeon introduced in each season will have Pinnacle rewards, while the Pinnacle drops for legacy content will be on a rotating basis.

The new system aims to give players a reason to replay existing content on top of the new experiences that Bungie has lined up. The removal of lockouts will give players a bit more freedom when it comes to the weekly power hunts.

It’s worth noting that players will still get Pinnacle rewards if they complete a raid or dungeon’s Master difficulty, when available.

Keep in mind that according to Bungie, the raid removal lockout will only affect legendary weapon drops. It’s unsure if this has any effect on raid-exclusive exotic drop rates.

This change will not affect raid chests, however. Players will still have to wait for weekly resets before raid chests grant any more loot.

There’s still over a month left in “Season of the Risen.” Players can expect these loot changes to be implemented in late May once Season 17 officially begins.